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Dr. Alexander Obiogbolu has distinguished himself as a man of great intellect who is equally imbued with great administrative and leadership skills and the capacity to manage men and materials while taking them to greater heights. 


His tenure as Chairman, Rural Development Authority, Managing Director, ANSEPA and Chairman Local Government Service Commission has continued to receive commendations from his bosses, peers, subordinates and citizens alike. 


His critics agree on his integrity and stellar principled stand, scholarship and courage. Dr. Alex makes capital of excellence with an uncanny knack to plan every project down to the minutest details.  His focus, strength of character, extreme organizational ability and strategic thinking are what our dear state requires today.


Alexander Obiogbolu has one overarching ambition: to serve the people of Anambra State as the Governor, representing their interests and charting a new course for Ndi Anambra.


Dr. Alex has continued to exhort his thoughts and plans on how Anambra state can be transformed into a safe state and prosperous economy through Oganiru Anambra, a call to action that notes that whilst we have common problems, the solutions are multi-sectoral.


Oganiru Anambra symbolizes an end as well as a beginning; signifies change as well as renewal. We advocate a change in mindset, a change in orientation and a renewal of our values that have stood us out before the birth of Nigeria. It symbolizes an end to our dependence on the center, an end to scandalizing headlines such as “Election Tears Anambra Community Apart”, “Robbers kill five in Anambra State”, and heralds a new beginning of collective determination by a people to succeed.

We believe that the basis for transformation of Nigeria should begin at the level of building blocks (the constituent states) where certain creed should be applied; visionary leaders with love for all, belief in the project, commitment to do good for all and dedication to transparency. Corruption should not affect us when our leaders are not corrupt, slow development should not deter us if our leaders have vision, and our people can only rejoice when good people are in authority.


Alex and the team look forward to your thoughts, comments and Support. Start the dialog by sending us a message, or call our office at 07067038472 to speak with someone directly.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Obiogbolu


My gallery contains pictures of me at work, whether attending national congress or local meetings, opening ceremonies or factory tours. You will also find photographs that show aspects of my private life here. News, pulications, interviews, and also you can see my events.

Beliefs and Values

I started this campaign TO SERVE as Governor of Anambra State six years ago on the platform of PDP, not because I am desperate to be Governor but I am quite passionate about changing the fate of our state. I remain committed to positive change because, to live and remain ignorant of events around you is to live in bondage; To be aware of wrong and not to speak against it, is itself evil; To be aware of how to improve life on earth and fail to do so is living a worthless life.


Come on board and let us change our state.

Campaign News

As an active campaigner, I love to meet my constituents in personal encounters and discuss about the Oganiru project. Please Check out our news, publications section  or events section to find out current news and events and also know how best to support us.



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