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We make no pretence. There is no magic wand that can solve all our problems but we need a visionary leader who can inspire and motivate a leadership to achieving set goals.


The primary responsibility of government remains to provide security of lives and property and eradicate lack of basic needs. Security, Agriculture and Education hold the key to achieving this and the rapid transformation of our state into a buoyant and prosperous economy.  Critical to the transformation process is to increase the current tempo of provision of infrastructure such as roads and pipe borne water, though it should go concomitantly with the need to provide efficient, quality and long lasting infrastructure`.




Let it be made clear that our state, in fact, no state in Nigeria will attain thirty percent of her economic and social progress if the problem of Security is not aggressively addressed. Security is the number one factor that both local and foreign Investors consider, amongst other factors, before reaching a decision to invest in any economy. Lack of these job creating investments breeds high unemployment, crimes and shortage of Internally General Revenues, and further leads to the State's inability to provide required infrastructures and solve numerous societal ills.

Holding the traditional rulers responsible for crime committed in their domains is an outdated mode of leadership; by the same token Council Chairmen and the Governor should also lose their own coveted seats, if adjudged unable to curb criminal activities in their domains.


A safe and secure environment is critical to our socio-economic growth and prosperity. To achieve this goal, a three-pronged approach is recommended and which shall revolve around:

     I.        Enhancing the conduct and operations of the Nigeria Police  and state Judiciary to uphold the rule of Law

   II.        Ensure adequate and rapid response capability of the Nigeria Police in curbing criminal activities

  III.        Involvement of citizens in crime detection and deterrence through our Neighbourhood Watch Project.


Today, the problem with the Nigeria Police is that they are better at responding to crime than detecting crime or deterring criminals. The response of the police to violent crime is inadequate and slow (responding mostly after the criminals have left) and the attempt to augment via quasi militant organizations have not been properly supervised and controlled. You need the cooperation of the citizenry to detect crime and it is well known that the citizens don’t have confidence in the police to protect their identities or their lives when information is given. Again, only people conversant with the localities can process Intelligence effectively, especially in an environment that has no data base.


A case study is the modus operandi of the infamous “Bakassi Boys” who were alleged to have the capability to detect criminals through the changing colour of their dreaded machetes. The truth is that they used moles and “born again” informants, and that was why they succeeded. Can you remember how many times they engaged in combat with criminals? They rather picked criminals from their hideouts, homes or intercepted them as they went about as civilians (this was how a notorious robber was caught).


Therefore, we subscribe to the use of vigilante groups who should be more employed for gathering and processing intelligence under an organized body, and then sharing what they have with the police who are then empowered to effect arrest and combat these criminals in their den rather than when the criminals are in action and obviously have superior firepower. In some other states that are more secure than our state, one does not see “pump-actions”, machetes, and all shades of arm bearers as we find them bestriding Anambra state.



It is not logical to make basic education compulsory and compelling parents to send their children to school and then ask them to pay school fees in guise of levies. Primary education must be free, and greater free access to education should be created, and quality education delivered not only through enhancement of the learning environment but by also placing emphasis on the teaching conditions. There seem to be too many teachers in certain schools whilst others have little or none.  The issue of subject teaching in primary and secondary schools should be employed as a means to better teacher management. Communities and stakeholders should be more involved in education through involvement on boards of individual primary and secondary school boards.


Government must be interested in what quality of education is available in the private sector, as the inspectorate arm must be made more efficient and regulations made to be followed through. Government must know what the schools are charging as fees and what learning and teaching conditions they provide.


Our tertiary institutions of learning must be devoted to our needs and expectations. As long as the university survives on the public funds provided through our taxes and levies, it must devote all to proposing solutions to challenges that face our state (erosion, arable land space, industry, etc) and providing a workforce and leadership needed to move the state forward. Today, our youth are not only contending with unemployment but some are unemployable because they undertook careers that are not commonly available in our society.


Government in fulfilling its responsibilities towards preparing leaders of tomorrow should ensure that regular and democratic council elections are held, and their autonomy protected as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution. There is no better way than the hands on approach of opportunities to be elected and to serve in the Local Government Councils.




Despite its considerable arable land resources, Nigeria is a net importer of food. The country spends more than USD3 billion annually on bringing in food, even though at one point, agriculture was the nation’s greatest source of foreign exchange. The National Bureau of Statistics in its first quarter 2012 analysis revealed Agriculture (23.3%) as contributing the highest to our national GDP even more than crude oil (15.8%). As such, we believe that our state can gain enormously from this sector. We need to tap from agriculture to advance and transform our state to an industrial power base for Nigeria and West Africa, and to end unemployment.


A new state Food Security Programme that shall grant access to affordable and high-quality food for Ndi Anambra should be marshaled.  A specific sum shall be set aside with the short-term objective of raising agricultural productivity by shifting from traditional subsistence farming to commercialized agriculture, engaging mostly unemployed youth after retraining them in agriculture and agro-allied business. This programme should also facilitate farmers’ access to agricultural machinery and feedstock, providing for government to guarantee uptake of produce and products through marketing boards. Suffice it to state that this agricultural sector is critically needed to play its role of ensuring food security and massive job creation for our people.


Youths should be supported to establish micro industrial parks where common infrastructure and facilities are provided and government helps them find markets for their products and help attract investors.


In partnership with our brethren in the Diaspora we can tap and attract immense technical, managerial, entrepreneurial and marketing expertise.


To attract the businesses that have left our state over these years, there is need to after making the state safe and secure, attract back businesses by  providing fewer regulations, lower taxes as incentives,.


Government can only succeed in these onerous tasks with the support and involvement of the civil society and religious organizations especially in the re-orientation of our people on social values and norms that are necessary in building a responsible and focused society.

Alexander Obiogbolu

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1.IT IS OUT!!!  "Oganiru Anambra- OUR DREAM OUR FUTURE.."

The book we have all been waiting for is finally out!! Alexander Obiogbolu has once again poured out his vision for our state and is glad to share with with all.

In the 36 paged book he writes about the role all should play in transforming our state to greatness; the citizens, the leaders and the government. Contact us!!


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